Billy Ray Fire's Artistic Works - Macon, Georgia USA Earth Universe

Billy Ray Fire’s Artistic Works

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My Quick Introduction, Billy Ray Fire

 Billy Ray Fire
Filling in as a Musician, Singer, and Song Writer has always created sparks behind the fire that has kept my interests in eventually creating my owns artistic works. This new Website has allowed the beginning of this and so much more. The use of all my knowledge and artistic skills will provide enormous financial benefit. I have always wanted this to happen, to produce my own artistic works!
My Life's collection of personal notes, diaries, and assorted poems have been converted into 1300 plus lyrical pieces for songs, I only need to sing the lyrics and create the music, this as I continue to write more each and everyday. Im not following the typical rules, these songs are going to be 100% mine. This Website was created in late 2014 to bring all of this together in one place.